Mitred Squares
Saturday, September 2nd

Some of you have wanted to learn how to make mitred squares, so in this class we’ll make coasters with two colors of worsted weight wool and size 7 needles,  Once you’ve made the squares you can go on to make them in any weight and put them together for many projects:  placemats, blankets, and scarves to name a few.
Yarn Tasting
September 8th
Secret Santa Name Swap!

I know it’s early, but time to get knitting!  We’re all turning toward our Christmas projects, so let’s get our Secret Santa project out of the way!  We’ll pull names on the 8th.  If you can’t be there, come by the shop early to make out your form.
Mosaic Knitting
Saturday the 23rd 10:30-11:30
Learn how to do mosaic knitting by making this trivet.  Once again, this is a skill you’ll be able to apply to many projects:  placemats, purses, scarves, etc.
Jane’s Two-Circular Sock Method
Saturday, September 30th, Second Class to be arranged.
Once you make socks with two circular needles, you’ll never go back to double points!  Let Jane walk you through this method.
Book Club
The Last Painting of Sara De Vos
Dominic Smith
Thursday, September 14th at noon

Wednesday Mornings Learn to Knit/crochet 10:30-12:00

Saturday Sessions!   Get help with your projects or learn to knit or crochet.  4-5 on Saturdays.

Charity Knitting, Sunday, September 17th 1-3

There are a number of charitable knits we are doing at Love.Yarn.Shop. that you can jump in any time to contribute:

CHaD:  We starting two years ago pairing children’s books with knitted animals.  This has been so popular with the tutors at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth that we have been asked to continue.  The tutors take the book and animal to a long-term child in the hospital for a reading lesson and then the child gets to keep both the book and the toy.

Purple Baby Hats:  Littleton Regional Hospital is calling for purple baby hats to be given to new parents as part of their education about Shaken Baby Syndrome.  These are quick and easy.

Chemo Hats:  The Oncology Department at Littleton Regional Hospital has a basket for chemo hats.  Patients can pick up a hat from the basket.  These are always needed and I hate to see that basket empty when I know many knitters and crocheters are asking themselves, “What should I knit next?”  While thinking about your next project, make a hat.

Welcome Blankets:  The Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago is calling for 40” x 40” blankets for a display of warm welcome to equal and counter the 2000 miles of wall Trump wants to build along the border.  The blankets will be distributed through refugee organizations after the display is taken down.

Knitting and crocheting charities abound at both the local, national, and international level.  Feeling guilty about how much yarn you have?  Get those needles out and knit a hat, or two, or ten!