Rubber Ducky Hat

Saturday, January 6th   10:30  $15

Rubber Ducky Hat

Yarn Tasting–Me Time!

Post-Christmas is the time to work on the project for you!  Bring it in!

Nibbles and Sips 5-7

Will I ever finish my sweater?

Tam on Demand

Saturday, January 13th  10:30  $15

This Tam on Demand pattern will be done and cute!


Horsey Hat

Fun hat for a little one!  Saturday, January 20th, 10:30 $15


Neigh, neigh!


Book Club–Less by Andrew Sean Greer  Thursday, January 25th at noon.

A little humor for January!


Sunday, January 21st, 1-3

Funky and Fun Caps!  Let’s make some fun chemo hats!  Bring your #8-10’s.  Yarn is here, but you can add yours to the collection.


Saturday, January 27th, 10:30  $15

Tapered Headband.  Maybe the gift for next year?