Binding off neckline–great tips from Cocoknits

I love Cocoknits’ patterns.  I just received a few of my favorites:  Leisl, Maude, and Sabine. Some of you may have seen me wearing Liesl, a long tunic, knit in a maroon sport weight yarn.  The Cocoknits site has excellent advice on binding off a neckline to make smooth transitions, especially important if you aren’t going to do anything else to the neckline.  Here’s the article:  I hope it helps next time you are binding off a neckline!  Happy knitting!

Knitter’s Keep–So stinking cute!

The magnetic snap bracelet, Knitter’s Keep, by Cocoknits is such a great idea!  The bracelet snaps on and all the doodads in the package are nickel-plated steel, so they stick to the magnetic square.  No more dropped needles, stitch markers, cables, etc.  The Keep comes with a selection of markers and needles and a cotton drawstring bag for storage.  In addition, there are some supplemental items:  a row counter,  colored stitch markers and colored opening stitch markers.

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