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From Sea to Shining Sea–Yarn Haulers Get Ready!

Love.Yarn.Shop. is all set for you to begin the Great Northern Yarn Haul this Friday, July 8th.  You can pick up your bag and goodies anytime, especially if you want to visit shops on Friday, but the kick-off for us is officially Friday night at the shop 5-7, with door prizes and sips and nibbles!  Please come join the fun!  If you haven’t signed up to participate, just give me a call at 869-2600 and I’ll set aside a bag for you.

Unisex Fingerless Mitts with Swans Island

It took longer than expected, but finally I finished the fingerless mitts pattern with Swans Island Washable Wool in sport weight.  Writing patterns is like all writing, you start out with one idea and end up with another.  The work just evolves as you are working.  So I started with the idea of having spades run up the mitt, but the spades were too indistinct and not worth the bother (keep it simple, stupid), so I did a seed stitch panel.  Then I thought I’d have a seed-stitch thumb, but it kept wanting to move to moss stitch, so another rip-out, and reminder to keep it simple.  In the end, the mitts are perfect for men or women, and show off the beautiful tonal qualities of Swans Island Washable Wool.  Best of all, they’re done and available at the Love Yarn Shop or at  KISSpatterns on Etsy.

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