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Whew! Little Shell Hat and Boot Toppers is ready for Sunday!

So much knitting!  So little time!  With inventory and end-of-year tasks, it has been difficult to get knitting done.  I promised to have my pattern ready for Sunday to give away at the North Country Fiber Forum gathering and it is done!  We are knitting red hats for Heart Awareness Month–February–and I have two recent patterns, matching mother/baby sets in honor of the birth of Casey’s baby girl, Haley.  You can find them at my KISSpatterns Etsy shop.  I made the adult version with Peace Fleece’s Amaranth.  Love their yarn.  Love their story.  The baby version is knit with Kraemer’s Perfection.  Love their yarn.  Love their story.


Do men wear pom poms?

I designed “Everyone’s Hat and Scarf” with this question in mind.  I showed my mid-fifties friend the hat with a pom pom and he said, “I like it, but get rid of the pom pom.”  Maybe it’s an age thing.  I had a young male knitter in who is making a slouch hat.  I asked him about the pom pom.  He said he’d probably put one on.  Pom poms are fun.  Not all men are.  So the pattern is out:  with reversible cables, the hat can be turned up to a conservative watchman’s cap; it’s long enough to be a slouch, either can be with or without the pom pom.  The scarf is long enough to be worn as a scarf that can be wrapped several times, or as a cowl that can be wrapped three times.  Something for everyone.  Next question on my mind?  Do men wear fringe?

Everyone's Hat with pom pom IMG_0977 Everyone's scarf

The pattern can be found on my Etsy KISSpatterns shop.

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