Knitted Knockers Kick-Off

Eight women gathered to start their knitted prosthetics for breast cancer survivors.  Some of us found it easier to do knit front and back, instead of make 1, because there are increases in every row, and it can get a bit tight.  The website Knitted Knockers provides patterns for magic loop, double points, straight needles, and crochet, and the patterns have sizes from A cup to E cup.

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The knitted prosthetic starts with a I-cord.
The knitted prosthetic starts with a I-cord.

Knitted Knockers!

Sunday, September 13th, we’ll be gathering at the shop from 1-3 to knit prosthetic breasts–Knitted Knockers–for survivors of breast cancer.  We would like to donate these knitted breasts to local women, but if we aren’t able to do that, we can send them to the organization and they will donate them.

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