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My Mom Knits with the Best

I had fun printing out pictures of famous women knitting for my window display.  Come by and see if you can identify them all–you’ll have to be both a film and history buff to get all of them.  Mother’s Day is a great time to give yourself…I mean your mom…a treat to feed your…sorry, her… creative addiction to yarn.  Project bag, new issue of Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits, that skein of yarn you’ve been eyeing…see you in the shop!

Wonderland Yarns–Taste It!

On March 11th from 5-7, we’ll be “tasting” Wonderland Yarns’, Cheshire Cat, a sock yarn spun in the U.S. and hand-dyed by Frabjous Fibers in Brattleboro, Vermont.  With generous yardage (512 yards) and a reasonable price ($24), this makes a great yarn for longer socks or shawl projects.  There will be door prizes and a judging of our “Thought Bubble” contest–the winner of which will receive a goodie bag.  If you missed the thought bubble contest, check out the blog on our website Love.Yarn.Shop. Join us!

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