Yarn Tasting

It’s not all fun and games…oh, wait a minute…it’s a Yarn Tasting!

This Friday the 13th (never mind the date), it’s fun and games at Love.Yarn.Shop.  We’ll be checking out Shetland Fingering from Elemental Affects.  In addition, we’ll have a little fun with the prints of famous knitting women that are currently hanging in the window.  If you want to cheat (I mean get a head-start), you may want to look at them over the next few days and see who they are.  See you for nibbles and sips on Friday!

Mother's Day Display
Mother’s Day Display

Cucumber Sandwiches and Wine Spritzers

Ah, the taste of fresh cucumber slices, lightly salted, between soft, crustless, white bread.  The nose of fresh mint while sipping the cold, slightly bubbly wine spritzer with undertones of raspberry.  The sound of people greeting each other familiarly, the rustle of project bags, (what?), the click of needles…oh yeah, it’s a yarn tasting!    We’ll be discussing our road trips!  NH Sheep and Wool Festival in May, Great Northern Yarn Haul in July.  See you at the shop, Friday, April 8, from 5-7.

Wonderland Yarns–Taste It!

On March 11th from 5-7, we’ll be “tasting” Wonderland Yarns’, Cheshire Cat, a sock yarn spun in the U.S. and hand-dyed by Frabjous Fibers in Brattleboro, Vermont.  With generous yardage (512 yards) and a reasonable price ($24), this makes a great yarn for longer socks or shawl projects.  There will be door prizes and a judging of our “Thought Bubble” contest–the winner of which will receive a goodie bag.  If you missed the thought bubble contest, check out the blog on our website Love.Yarn.Shop. Join us!

Round Mountain Fibers at LYS

While awaiting my order from Round Mountain Fibers, I’ll be featuring them at the Yarn Tasting on February 12th.  Hand dyed in Brattleboro, Vermont, these superwash merino yarns are scrumptious.  You’ll particularly enjoy the fingering weight colorway, Kestrel.  Join us from 5-7 for nibbles and sips and a great feeling yarn.

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