Pygora is a fiber goat bred by crossing the Pygmy goat with the Angora goat.  The Pygora Breeders Association was formed in 1987, so it is a relatively new breed as far as goats go.  As you may suspect, the fiber has a cashmere softness.  While at Tunbridge, I picked up 32 skeins of this glorious yarn (thus the name Adora Pygora) in 6 colors:   Natural, Silver, Pumpkin, Fern, African Violet, and Denim.  It has been blended with 20% bamboo and 20% merino.  Each fingering weight, 2 ounce skein has 180 yards.  At $24, this is a steal.  You can pop in the shop to handle it, or order on-line at Love.Yarn.Shop.  You’ll find it listed under LYS.