Spring Knitting, like summer knitting, borders on being an oxymoron.  We associate knitting with cold weather, warm fires, hot drinks, not mint juleps and cucumber sandwiches.  None the less, the spring knitting and crochet magazines come through, tempting us with their lightweight garments.  Scarves, shawls, light sweaters and household items are the usual fare.  That being said, the magazines aren’t just about the projects—they are about the whole process from sheep to shawl. The spring issue of Interweave Knits is no exception.  It features an article about Cormo wool, one by designer Anne Hanson about her company Bare Naked Wools, and spotlights two farm yarns, Starcroft Fiber Mills in Maine and Catskill Merino in New York.  In addition, there is an instructional article on short rows. So, just as we read gardening books in the winter and dream of planting in the warm weather, we can sip a cool drink on a warm day, read a knitting or crocheting magazine and dream of winter.