This is a big weekend in Bethlehem.  The Change Agent Film Festival, starting Friday, September 15, and going through to Sunday, the 17th, features Citizen Jane, Dolores, Ada for Mayor, and Waking the Sleeping Giant, all films chronicling people who have brought about significant changes to make their communities a better place.

Love.Yarn.Shop. will be on the sidewalk knitting on Sunday from 1-3, with the beginning of a lap blanket for the Welcome Blanket project.  Smart Museum of Art is calling for blankets which they will put together to equal the length of the proposed “Wall” on the border with Mexico.  After the display, these blankets will be distributed to agencies that work with new refugees and immigration families.  Come by and we’ll show you how to knit and you can knit a few stitches, a row, or even several rows, knowing this will go to welcome someone into the country you believe in.