We are looking for uplift in our lives:  some of us by joining a political campaign and attending speeches with like-minded people, some of us by posting and re-posting funny or touching stories on social media, some of us by playing music together or attending live musical events.  I came across this piece about geese and the lessons we can learn from their social behavior.  https://www.theflockjwr.com/lessons-from-the-geese.html. I hope by sharing it, you feel the uplift of being part of a flock.

My uplift comes from nature, yarn, and the people with whom I knit.  The colors right now are vibrant and varied and will continue to be so for several more weeks.  They remind me that we live in a beautifully complex and fascinating world that is forever on the move.  My knitting project, the log cabin blanket, reflects my celebration of color and flow.  My only decision is, “which color next?”  There will be time for neutrals soon enough when winter puts so much of nature to sleep, but for now, gone are the greys, whites, and blacks that are trending in interior design.  Colors are bursting out everywhere and they lift my spirits.