Felters Fling in August

I have had quite a few felters come in the shop to buy roving, and I’d like to make sure they are aware of this fabulous week of felting workshops from August 19th to 27th.  Felters Fling in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, offers 12 different workshops from garments to millinery, bags to wall hangings, and you can either go for the full week or for one half or the other.  The week is geared toward experienced felters, so check out their website and get inspired to up your game!

Round Mountain Bulky–Last Chance!

Unfortunately, Round Mountain fibers is no longer dyeing bulky yarn–it just didn’t sell as well as the fingering and worsted weight.  I was able to purchase the last skeins of the color ways, but this is it. If you have enjoyed it in the past and would like a few skeins, the time to buy is now!

Longest Night Knitting

We won’t be knitting into the night, but I’ll have cookies and tea for knitting during the shortest day!  Even if you haven’t knitted the cowl for Project Peace, which asked you to knit 4 rows a day in a meditative manner, tomorrow we’ll be knitting, pushing out the busy-ness of this week and welcoming in the calm before the storm.  Hope to see you in the shop!screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-12-01-45-pm

Cucumber Sandwiches and Wine Spritzers

Ah, the taste of fresh cucumber slices, lightly salted, between soft, crustless, white bread.  The nose of fresh mint while sipping the cold, slightly bubbly wine spritzer with undertones of raspberry.  The sound of people greeting each other familiarly, the rustle of project bags, (what?), the click of needles…oh yeah, it’s a yarn tasting!    We’ll be discussing our road trips!  NH Sheep and Wool Festival in May, Great Northern Yarn Haul in July.  See you at the shop, Friday, April 8, from 5-7.

Knitting Tip: Make 1 Right, Make 1 Left

I, too, have to continually look at the directions to refresh my memory about M1R and M1L. This is great way to remember it.

Love.Yarn.Shop. Tucker Sweater.

I love this picture of Katie.  She knit her Tucker Sweater by Amanda Scheuzger published in Interweave Knits Fall 2015.  She ended up bringing the body needle size from a 9 to a 7, in part, because she is a loose knitter.  She will be teaching a class starting March 4th–which is quickly approaching.  In retrospect, she wishes she had known she had enough yarn to make it longer and create a tunic, which is always fun in winter with leggings and tall boots, but as it was bottom-up, she couldn’t judge this with confidence from the amount of yarn she had.  It’s a lovely, easy knit.

Whew! Little Shell Hat and Boot Toppers is ready for Sunday!

So much knitting!  So little time!  With inventory and end-of-year tasks, it has been difficult to get knitting done.  I promised to have my pattern ready for Sunday to give away at the North Country Fiber Forum gathering and it is done!  We are knitting red hats for Heart Awareness Month–February–and I have two recent patterns, matching mother/baby sets in honor of the birth of Casey’s baby girl, Haley.  You can find them at my KISSpatterns Etsy shop.  I made the adult version with Peace Fleece’s Amaranth.  Love their yarn.  Love their story.  The baby version is knit with Kraemer’s Perfection.  Love their yarn.  Love their story.


Crochet me that hat!

This Winter 2016 Interweave Crochet has patterns that make me wish I were a hooker–well a better crocheter than I am anyway.  There’s a fantastic pattern for “Winter’s Eye Afghan” by Lisa Naskrent, that joins octagons and squares to create this “eye of the storm” motif.  Gorgeous.  Then there are two sweater patterns that I would love to wear…seriously…I would love to wear these crocheted sweaters.  The detail of the button tab makes the piece, “Seaside Sweater” by Daniela Nii.  Of course, the other one, “Prairiefire Vest” by Suesan Roth, and the hat I want you to make me, “Flame Hat” by P.K. Olson, are both Tunisian crochet.  Now, I have attempted Tunisian crochet, and I can honestly say, it is not in my immediate future.  I am just a beginning crocheter, so the rather slow progress of Tunisian has kept me from dedicating time to that technique.  Maybe I can tackle it during mud season…  All in all, this is a great issue with patterns that are inspiring and hip…and crocheted!


Knitting Retreats…In my Dreams

For those who can, do!  Knitting retreats will take you all over the world: get-aways in hotels, on cruises, abroad.  This article from the NY Times will tempt you to make the reservation.

Imagine a knitting weekend here!
Imagine a knitting weekend here!

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