This Winter 2016 Interweave Crochet has patterns that make me wish I were a hooker–well a better crocheter than I am anyway.  There’s a fantastic pattern for “Winter’s Eye Afghan” by Lisa Naskrent, that joins octagons and squares to create this “eye of the storm” motif.  Gorgeous.  Then there are two sweater patterns that I would love to wear…seriously…I would love to wear these crocheted sweaters.  The detail of the button tab makes the piece, “Seaside Sweater” by Daniela Nii.  Of course, the other one, “Prairiefire Vest” by Suesan Roth, and the hat I want you to make me, “Flame Hat” by P.K. Olson, are both Tunisian crochet.  Now, I have attempted Tunisian crochet, and I can honestly say, it is not in my immediate future.  I am just a beginning crocheter, so the rather slow progress of Tunisian has kept me from dedicating time to that technique.  Maybe I can tackle it during mud season…  All in all, this is a great issue with patterns that are inspiring and hip…and crocheted!