These little pouches are great for walking around knitting. I use this one in the store.  I remember seeing Jill Brewer walking around the after-school program with her ball of yarn tucked under her arm, assisting kids, knitting away steadily. She could have used one of these. Are we multi-taskers or what?  In fact, Amanda Lilley made similar pouches for awhile and I still use hers. These Go Knit pouches have a snapped loop to hook to your belt loop, purse, backpack or chair.  The water resistant, lightweight nylon, keeps your project protected from the elements (i.e. cats, dogs, and sticky fingers).

Another project bag in the shop is from Della Q–Edict.  Each of these little bags has a knitter’s or crocheter’s saying going up the side and a small pocket inside.  They are drawstring and really reasonably priced–only $10!

Both project bags are great gift ideas for you!  Time to drop a few hints around to your friends and family…

Edict Project Bags