Maybe everyone else already knew that Roquefort was made from ewe’s milk, but it took a tea towel to inform me.  I was in Mark’s and Spencer’s in  Southampton, England, when my eye was caught by a blue sheep on a tea towel (I have a weakness for tea towels and sheep, so I made a bee-line for the linens).  The title was Roquefort, which further intriqued me, as I love blue cheeses.  I knew about goat cheese and, of course, cheeses made from cow’s milk.  Why didn’t I know Roquefort, and other cheeses, were made from sheep’s milk?  Apparently references to Roquefort date back to 79 AD, though the tea towel says “depuis 1875.”  It goes on to tell us that the sheep’s cheese is naturally aged in caves.  Needless to say, I bought all the towels they had, and have them for sale in the shop!