Biba–a popular clothing store established in the 60’s in London–was the theme for this issue of Pompom.  The style is Art Deco with a little glitz thrown in.  The sweater on the cover is by far my least favorite pattern in the book.  There is a suffragette cloche–just in time to wear to the movie–a hip, slinky “cold shoulder” sweater by Cirilia Rose, a fabulous pair of socks, aptly named for the founder of Biba, Hulanicki, and six other beautiful patterns.

There has been a lot of press about the health benefits of knitting and this issue of Pompom is no exception.  The article, “Knitting the Blues,” will make you feel right about curling up with your knitting and participating in swaps on Ravelry.   If you are a dyer, you will probably understand the article, “A Chemical Romance,” more than I did.   The article tracks Lora Angelova’s career in chemistry, settles into a discussion of organic colorants, and ends with a description of her own, more or less haphazard, dyeing adventures, which seem to have given her a new respect for hand-dyers.

All in all, the new Issue 15 of Pompom is well worth the $10.95 and can be found at the shop!