No March Madness?  No Premier League?  No cruise?  No trip to Italy?  No visiting my husband in the nursing home?  No visiting my elderly parents?  No concert?  No fundraiser?  The list of cancellations grows every day. As the efforts to prevent Covid-19 from spreading like it did in China and Italy, we are undergoing a paradigm shift—a radical change in the way we view our lives and our activities.  Restaurants are offering curbside pick-up, meetings are via Skype, people are staying home and pulling out the jigsaw puzzles or binging on “The Crown” or another series they were formerly too busy to watch.  All of a sudden people have time for what had been previously neglected. “I guess I’ll go through those old pictures,”  my sister-in-law said.  “I’ll work on those electrical outlets,” my husband said.  One friend noted that this is perfect for introverts:  no need to make excuses for staying at home and reading a book.  No need to feel guilty for missing that fundraising dinner.  Everyone understands.   For us knitters and crocheters, we’ve been given a pass to settle into a project:  old project, new project, design for a project, arranging yarns for a project.  It’s all good.  And although this is the season many usually travel due to mud season in the north and school breaks all over the world, this is also a good season to sit back and take stock.  The snow has receded, but the ground is still too hard to rake, so no point in worrying about the yard for a few weeks.  The refreshingly long days give you hours to think about who you are, what you are doing, and what you want to do—once everything returns to normal.  So take a deep breath, pull a book off the shelf or your knitting from the basket, and take advantage of this temporary shift in your life.  Oh, and the yarn shop is still open and I’m ready to teach you to knit.