I always say to customers who order a gift certificate, “Thank you, you have made two people happy:  me and the recipient.”  Gift certificates to small local businesses are a great way to  give during the holiday season.  Sometimes I think, “That business may go out of business before this person uses it, or loses it.”  A is they lost it, B is they can’t find it = C I helped that business stay in business.  The nice thing about buying a gift certificate to a local business is that, no matter what, you contributed to a business you like and want to support.  Whether the recipient used it is really unimportant, because you made the contribution to that business.   You told that business—you are important.  You didn’t buy a gift certificate to a box store, or a chain coffee house or restaurant, you put your money into a small shop on a Main Street that is the life of a town, in a town that you love.  So as you are wondering what to get for this person or that, consider buying a gift certificate to a local, small business…and this season, make two people happy.  Happy holidays.