How perfect to have my yarn housed in Beannacht Books, kitty-corner to LYS, while the shop is under construction.  I had forgotten that my first love affair with yarn began while I was working in Chapter and Verse in Bristol, England.  It was an academic book store, so in the summer, my colleagues taught me how to knit sweaters (I didn’t make hats, scarves, or mittens until many years later).  There was a to-die-for yarn store right across the street and that is where I bought my Rowan Yarn  and Kaffe Fasset patterns.  Those were the  days of drop shoulders and oversized sweaters…the eighties.  I have made a laptop case from fulling one unfinished Kaffe Fasset sweater.  I still have the turquoise Lopi sweater (very popular color at that time!) and haul it out on appropriate wintry days.  I regret donating two sweaters to a local second-hand shop, not because of the yarn, but the cool buttons I had used.  I still have the fair-isle vest I knit for my father, fulled and fitted for me now that he has passed away.  All these fond memories of the book store and my colleagues and the pubs are flooding back as I sit here with a view of yarn and books.  Come join me in the cozy sitting area.  My shop hours are the same:  10-5 Tuesday through Saturday and I’m selling both yarn and books!

Cozy couches at Beannacht Books.
View from the front desk.