March, march, march!

Knitters are showing support for the March For Our Lives march against gun violence on March 24th by knitting/crocheting “Evil Eye” fingerless mitts.  Krista Suh, who designed the Pussy Hat, writes, “Individually, to show the eye on the palm, you can put out your hand in a “stop” gesture – as in, we must stop gun violence, enough is enough. In a group, you can raise your hands above your head to show the eyes – this is the universal gesture of “hands up don’t shoot” and a reminder of how vulnerable our children are in a country with weak gun control.”

We’ll be knitting the mitts at Love.Yarn.Shop. (in the new location at Beannacht Books across the street from the Colonial) on Saturday, March 17th at 10:30.  You can find the easy pattern here:

The mitts can be worn at your local march or sent to the following address for the Washington marchers:

Krista Suh

c/o Woman’s National Democratic Club

1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Washington DC 20036